New stencils collection by Latina Crafter

Hello, my friends! hope you’re having an awesome day! ;)

I'm so happy to announce that my new collection of stencils by Latina Crafter is here! they’re my first stencils so I’m so excited with this release.
They come on two sizes so you can use them on your cards, crafts, mixed media and more. And with different materials like inks, chalk pastels, acrylic paints, gesso, etc. As always, the sky is the limit! only be creative and have fun :)

Although the images are magenta the stencils are clear, so you can position them as desired.

Flowers and dots
Clear Stencil - 6 x 6

Hearts strings 
Clear Stencil - 6 x 6

Stars strings 
Clear Stencil - 6 x 6

Tiny dots
Clear stencil - 4,25 x 5,5

Tiny hearts 
Clear stencil - 4,25 x 5,5

As an introductory offer you can have them all for only $20, isn’t that great? go grab yours now!

Where would you use them? I would love to know! follow Softpencil Studios on Pinterest and Facebook to see some ideas and get inspired :)

Happy creating! ♥


  1. Aloha, from Hawai'i! I bought one of your stamp sets, Michu and Ratini, from a friend. Your images are so adorable!!! I wish you continued success and keep up the great work! Your stencils are fabulous -- with thanks (mahalo) gracias, arigato, danke -- Rosy

    1. Aloha Rosy! thank you very much for your words, I'm so glad you like my images! enjoy your stamps!!! ;)


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