Why don’t we love Mondays? my first LinkedIn's blog post

Hello friends! :)
Some days ago I was invited to publish on LinkedIn's blog, so today I'm writing my first post there. It's here too and I hope you enjoy it!

I know, we hate Mondays and think it’s the worst week’s day. But why? Is it because we have to be back at work? Is it because our weekend, the time for relaxing and having fun, ends? Maybe. But I have stronger reasons to consider Mondays one of the best week’s day.

First, you’re starting a new day and that’s always great! then you’re starting your work week, very positive, too! Since every beginning gives the opportunity to a fresh start, to try new things, to live new adventures, to be better in every way, why don’t we love Mondays?

Starting today, let’s love Mondays! and think, what would you like to accomplish this week? What steps are you going to follow to be closer to your goals? What good things could happen in your life this week? and don’t forget to be grateful for your weekend!
All of that will empower you to start your week with a very positive attitude… and love Mondays! With this mindset I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve wonderful things!

Have an awesome Monday! ♥


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