The new shop is up and running!

Hello my friends!!! how are you today? ready to know the new Softpencil Studios shop? so here we go!


I'm so excited to share with you these whimsical goods! I was working so much and designed more than 300 products. Yes, 300! and it was very fun! love designing and especially for products. But if you click on the image above you'll go to the shop and find only 150 items, so you'll be wondering, where are the other 150??? well, I still have to write the descriptions to make them available, but I couldn't wait for opening and giving you a huge dose of cuteness! ;)

On the new shop you'll find greeting cards, ceramic ornaments, notebooks, watches, keychains, buttons, necklaces, candy tins, tote bags, baby stuff like clothing and pacifiers, pillows, stickers, gift boxes, magnets, flip flops and acrylic cut-outs that make great gifts for babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, teens and kids at heart. Just in time for Christmas shopping!
The images featured on the goods are mainly from the Cupcakes Collection. I have five more collections ready to be added on stuff, so keep checking the shop regularly, there will be much more Tinytwinies® for you!

And if you have an idea or would like a custom designed product, only write me to let me know and I'll be glad to help you! :)

Hope you enjoy browsing the shop as much as I enjoyed designing! feel free to leave your comments, questions and suggestions here or on our Facebook page. They're always very appreciated!

Have a happy Tuesday! ♥

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