New amazing products, sad news and an interview

Hello everyone! how are you? today I have good and bad news for you…

At the bright side, I´ve just received the samples of the new Tinytwinies™ products that will be launched soon through EAD Designs. They´re stickers, rub-ons, cling-its, wall decals and vinyl art. I have to say they look WONDERFUL! high quality materials and vibrant colours!

Here are two of the new designs, I hope you like them!

Bad news are about The Angel Company, it has just went out of business so my rubber stamps will no longer be available. I´m especially sad for Mischelle, the TAC owner, and for all the demonstrators, many of them are also my friends. But you know I´m a positive and resolute girl so I´m sure I´m going to find another rubber stamps company interested in my designs soon ;)

And last but not least I´ve been interviewed by Alex Colombo for “The moon from my attic” and I´ve enjoyed so much the interview! she´s a sweet artist who creates cute and whimsical designs. Thank you Alex!!! you can read the interview here
Have a happy day!!!

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  1. Congrats on your samples! They look sooo cute!!! Adorable :)

  2. Thank you Alex! glad you like them! :)

  3. Best of luck finding a new stamp company...you had such cute designs. My husband grew up in Argentina...it's a small world!

  4. I think I´ve found it! I hope everything runs smoothly ;)

    What a coincidence! Yes, this is a small world... :)

  5. Very cute stickers! Very colorful and useful to put on anything.

  6. Thank you Leona!!! very glad you like them! they were just released! :)

  7. These are very cute. I love all the new designs.


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