Lovely skins for you!

Happy Saturday! how are you all? I´m very excited with my new goodies!
If you´re a fan of Softpencil Studios on Facebook you sure have already seen the new vinyl skins. Didn´t you see them? here they are!

Charming flowers - for iPad 2

Amy on a cupcake - for iPhone 3gs

Hanging on a star - for iPhone 4

So if you want a skin for your cell-phone, iPad, laptop, netbook, macbook or some other devices as MP3 players and gaming consoles just e-mail me! the quality is very good since they´re made of 3M™ vinyl, and they´re shipped from the US so you´ll receive your order quickly ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!!! ♥

Comments, questions, suggestions? visit Softpencil Studios on Facebook :)

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